How much is a good CBD dose for a beginner?

 How much is a good CBD dose for a beginner.

I get variations of this question all the time and eventhough it’s not what you want to hear the answer is there’s no single one answer that fits for everyone.

 Everything having to do with cannabis dosing, whether it’s CBD or THC is highly individualized. So there’s three things
 to keep in mind before we even get going. 

One everybody responds differently to cannabis and not just a little bit differently,drastically different.

Second,Everybody has different needs when it comes to cannabis dosing and not just a little bit different, drastically different 

Third and most confusing cannabis is biphasic and we’re going to discuss a little bit more about that in a minute.But too much cannabis is not dangerous as you may already know whether it’s THC or CBD. But because people don’t feel the effects of CBD inthe same way they do THC. 

They often think that dosing is not so important and that they can just take a lot of it and technically they can. But that doesn’t mean that they should. Because too much CBD while it won’t make you feel uncomfortably high like THC is not necessarily what’s therapeutically best.

Let me explain I have a graphic example of this about a year ago. High Times gave me an assignment to write about CBD edibles and I was really excited about this assignment because I had been reading story after story about how great CBD is for depression. 

As I suffer from depression, I thought this was going to be an easy win. Well much to my surprise as soon as I started testing the edibles, my depression symptoms got worse and much worse and after a few days I just had to beg out of the assignment.

 So about a year after that I was interviewing Martin Lee who’s the author and the director of project CBD. I took the opportunity to ask him why did CBD make my depression symptoms worse when it’s supposed help with it.

Well Martin said it was likely because my dose of CBD was too high he knew that I was also using THC at the time and explained that people using THC need far far less CBD sometimes as less as 2 point 5 milligrams to get a therapeutic dose.

 Those using pure CBD will need higher doses, but he also mentioned and this is really important so listen up cannabis is biphasic and what that means is that a large and a small dose can have completely opposite effects.

 Let me repeat that a large or a small dose of cannabis can create opposite effects which would explain why the CBD was too high and made my depression worse.  

So it takes experimentation that’s the big takeaway everybody is going to have to experiment to find your ideal dose and your needs can and do change over time and as your body yields.

 So how do you start well if you’re already using CBD and you’re not getting the effects you want?

 You could try raising or conversely lowering the dose especially if you’re using THC to try lowering that dose and you may get better effects if you’re starting from scratch. 

Start with a low dose maybe 2 to 3 milligrams and Martin Lee says it’s best to take it maybe two to three times a day rather than one big dose. So take 2 or 3 small doses of say 2 milligrams several times a day and keep that up for several days

Before you evaluate the effects I wish I had a more concrete answer to say this is what you should take but there is no one answer it takes experimentation.

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