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HEMP Benefits in Australia? You crazy, won’t you get high?

Understanding the entire cannabis plant is crucial to understanding the incredible power this plant has and how much it has to offer to society and we don’t even know it. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about the positive progress the marijuana side of the plant has taken.

Some USA states have legalized it for medical use now and it is clearly helping thousands of people treat and manage different diseases and ailments.

Hemp Benefits in Australian in November 12 2017, changes to the Food Standards Code to permit the sale of low-psychoactive hemp seed as a food are effective in Australia.

Hemp can now be sold as a food in Australia (and it’s super good for you)

As I stuck my head down a few more rabbit holes, everything started making sense to me. Not only was the hemp seed a nutritional powerhouse, it was much, much more than that. Hemp is the oldest known sustainable, renewable resource that civilizations since the start of time thrived upon.

I decided to create the Hemp Gold Coast which is dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering people to take ownership and have some accountability in their own health. To embrace this God-given natural resource the way we are supposed to and not fear it.

” It is the only food that can sustain human life without any other source of nutrition.”

Ironically, you can go to any natural food store where a variety of hemp foods are sold. How odd!


If the nutritional profile of the hemp seed isn’t enough, the list of hemp’s natural eco-friendly uses truly magnifies how beneficial this crop really is.

This tiny seed is one of the most nutrient-dense and perfectly balanced foods on the planet. It is a complete source of protein, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids (EFA). In fact, the hemp seed is the only food on earth that supplies all man’s dietary needs in one food source.

Cannabis is a healing plant and represents health across the board, in my opinion. This incredibly useful plant can help replace many of the toxic and polluting industries we depend on, which are directly responsible for the amount of disease and sickness present today.

Cannabis prohibition affects all of us whether we think it does or not. Having an extremely useful resource sitting on the sidelines, forfeits a ton of jobs and a sustainable, eco-friendly industry to help build the economy back up.

How about a strong, durable, eco-friendly hemp shirt instead of a pesticide-infested GMO cotton one?

Or biodegradable hemp plastics instead of oil-based, chemically made plastics that pollute the earth and our health?

It’s a no brainer. Hemp is a sustainable plant with thousands of non-toxic solutions.

My mission is to focus on industrial hemp, a sustainable, eco-friendly crop with no THC that most people have no idea even exists.


You got to know something’s up when nature is outlawed. The sad fact is money and power are the driving forces behind it. We live in a chemical world and outlawing your naturally growing competition ensures maximum profits for some major corporations.

– Henry Ford built a car out of hemp plastic and ran it on hemp bio diesel, before it was outlawed.

– Industrial hemp can be used for over 25,000 different uses. Examples: food, fiber, textiles, fuel, medicines, paper, plastic, temp-free (like concrete, but stronger), body and hair care products

The fact is, the cannabis plant is a healing no matter how you cut it. We have been blessed with this wonderful plant and we as a society continue to go toe-to-toe with Mother Nature. We have become so disconnected with what’s real and what’s not. Let’s face it, we are slowly killing the planet and ourselves and she will prevail. Mother Nature always does. Hemp heals the human body, the soil, the environment and will help heal our economy. It’s simply the healing of a nation! Period.

– One acre of hemp produces more fiber that four acres of trees.

Here are a few more facts for you to put it all into perspective.

– Both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had hemp plantations and grew it.

Hemp Benefits in Australia SE Asia

The misunderstood hemp plant remains in reality the most valuable plant that grows on this world. A harmless, Eco friendly, renewable energy that has been used around the globe for thousands of years.

The dietary account of hemp seeds make it one of the most nutritionally total foods on the planet. Nutrient dense whole foods such as hemp seeds possess lots of nourishment and powerful recovery buildings that help maintain the body balanced on a cellular degree.

Hemp is far more than a dietary powerhouse, it’s the world’s most excellent plant.

Dietary Protein Source

HEMP is additionally a terrific source of highly absorbable healthy protein including all 10 necessary amino acids and fibre. Our diet and also lifestyle define us. Is it working for you or against you? A diet plan rich in nutrient-dense whole foods can help stop illness and also advertise healing. As a full whole food, hemp seeds pack a ton of nourishment. Adding them to your diet will sustain your body with a total ratio of EFA’s (essential fatty acids or omegas), as well as effective anti-inflammatory residential properties.

Hemp Benefits

Every little thing you believed you understood about Hemp is incorrect! What happens if we told you …

Interestingly enough there is a plant below on earth that has the earth’s capability to expand in practically any environment and provide a 100% renewable plant with all kinds of uses. Nutritionally dense foods, durable fibre and textiles, clean biography gasoline, powerful CBD medications and also hydrating hair as well as body products. One impressive plants, with hundreds of remedies that will help us maintain a healthier globe and also a healthier economic situation, the misconstrued hemp plant.

Eco Friendly

HEMP is the globe’s most ideal plant, from seed to leaf. It has countless Eco pleasant uses that can aid nourish as well as recover our bodies, heal our polluted atmosphere, and also heal our having a hard time economic situation.

Renewable Agricultural Crop

HEMP is a distinct selection of the marijuana saliva plant as well as being a clean, lasting, sustainable agricultural plant that can give food, gas, fiber, paper, medication for all people. A plant that flourish in nearly any type of climate, and is a safe replacement for the majority of existing day resources.


Industrial Utilizes

HEMP is merely a recovery plant as well as can actually assist recover the planet. It can be expanded as “mop plant” to clear impurities out of wastewater, such as sewage effluent, excessive phosphorus from poultry trash, or various other unwanted substances or chemicals. After the nuclear calamity in Chernobyl, industrial hemp was grown to aid with the elimination of hazardous pollutants in the dirt.

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