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Heart & Body Naturals was launched with one simple purpose; sharing the synergistic Healing Trilogy products formulated with the healing power of plants provided by our creator.


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HB Naturals  this is a health and wellness company in direct sales network marketing that offers 100% organic nutritional products

Now they are a organic nutritional products the company it is based out of Ohio
the company started in 2017 company’s but has territories in a hundred plus countries worldwide.Currently shipping to Australia.

The company is backed by the parent company which is called green parent company called green organics international and has been organics international
and has been going strong for several years.


So let me actually scroll down the page here these are some of the products that we have.



I’ll quickly talk about the product in just a moment but these are what the products look like they come in a bag it is the powder you simply mix with water
and you get when you order products.
You get shot glasses to put the powder in you also get a scooper inside of the bag and a spoon as well
once you mix the powders with water you simply stir in the shot glass and drink.
The products are simple so as you see here the products are organic plant-based, no gluten non GMO dairy-free
cruelty-free that absolutely have no soy cruelty-free

Now Heart and Body naturals it’s absolutely free to join everyone comes in as a customer they have a very low auto-ship requirement which is unheard of in this industry of
health and wellness direct sales network marketing.
And  enroll for free
okay create a free account
We also have sample packs which give you a seven day supply sample packs
seven days supply of the trilogy pack which are the mind the body and the soul

I’ll talk about the products in just a moment okay so let’s go to the company tab actually
on the opportunity tab so I want to show you guys
the founders of the company

This is Paula here she is the founder and she is also the wife of Ben he’s he’s also the founder and Alexandria Bryton also the founder and she is the genius behind the product
she is the product formulator for all of the product ok so this is our executive products.
The executive team as you see a corporate attorney and director of trainin so they’ve been around for several year and been successful in this industry of direct sales network marketing.


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Hemp Herbals

Our Kentucky grown, farm fresh full-spectrum CBD oil is naturally rich in terpenes, Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 Essential Fatty Acids.

Hemp Herbals Drops has a deep green color and robust natural & fresh flavor; you can taste the goodness in every drop.

20mg CBD Per Serving

MIND ayurvedic brain superfoods

let’s talk about the products
we’ll start with the mind
is going to help boost for sure your mental focus and clarity
is going to help improve Maximize brain
the function it’s going to protect
against cognitive decline

It also support the body and deep restful
sleep so this product is actually going to help you sleep well
at night it’s going to calm your mind
and it’s going to uplift your mood


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BODY ayurvedic cardio superfoods

the next product that I’ll talk about is the body product to boost your energy as stamina and is going to improve sexual health
these products also going to increase nitric oxide in your bloodstream okay and it’s also going to promote the reduction
of arterial inflammation.

SOUL ayurvedic pH superfoods

With the soul product this is going to reduce inflammation reduce pain in the body this is also going to detoxify your body is going to detoxify the liver
Tt is also going to promote healthy digestion and boost your metabolism, it also soothes your stomach, help with stomach bloating.


The Nourish product is what I like to call  our liquid multivitamin as you see here it’s going to help boost your immune system your digestive systems

Improvement support of your overall health and vitality support.
It’s also going to increase in balance your pH levels so this is going to help with making your body more alkaline from an acidic state.
And all of the products they list the ingredients at the bottom, they’re raw organic ingredients in all of the products as you see it’s going to give you
your vitamins you’re all of your omega-3 six 7, 9 vitamins

It’s going to give you mental physical energy  here simply 100%  organic there’s no junk in our products at all our products have no artificial
colors dyes any artificial flavors or sweeteners no preservatives in any of our products they’re 100% organic

SLIMMER healthy weight management

Now let’s talk about some of the newer products which are slimmer is a product
is a weight management weight loss product  this is going to help to curb your hunger
your appetite
It’s also going to help you l lower cortisol levels in your body maintaining balance your blood sugar levels is going to boost your metabolism
so that you burn calories in order to lose weight.


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Sesso Dolce

Sesso Dolce this is our all-natural.

Sesso Dolce our all-natural organic organic organic sexual and enhancement performance product this is more of an essential oil that you use topically.
You put it on your skin on your body this is going to work within minutes and it’s going to last for a long time

This product is designed to last for at least an hour or longer but it works within an five to ten minutes you can feel.
Check out the benefits going to help increase blood flow increase desire want to help get your body aroused very quickly
the ingredients are completely organic.


So as you see we have in this product something for everyone here now one thing that I want to touch on is that
the products that we have are affordable compared to any other company I know out there.
Duplication is easy from FREE to retail and training held via facebook upline and conference calls an array of online landing pages and marketing materials.





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